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The GCC Health Ministers Wrap up Their 80th Meeting in Riyadh
13 October 2016
The GCC Health Ministers Council has wrapped up its 80th meeting today in Riyadh. The Council discussed a number of technical, administrative and organizational issues, including Expatriates' Medical Check-up Program, Unified Procurement Program, Central Medicines Registration and Pricing System, and the Executive Board Budget, in addition to a number of technical programs.
This was revealed by the Director General of the Executive Board, Mr. Suleiman bin Saleh Al-Dakheel, who extended his thanks during his opening address to the council members for appointing him to his new post. Besides, he lauded their great role and unstinting support for the council’s works. It didn’t escape his notice to extend his thanks to the former director general, Dr. Tawfiq Khoja, for his efforts during his tenure.
Within the same vein, Al-Dakheel has pointed out that the coming stage will witness a rapid and sustained activation of the events adopted by the affiliated technical committees. This will be achieved by means of adopting the strategic plans and guidelines developed by some of these committees, in addition to two new bids for securing the veterinary medicines and vaccines and the typical medical equipment, as well as implementing the electronic common technical document (e-CTD) for central medicines registration, and focusing on health education in line with the ministers’ directives.
Concluding his statement, the Director General of the Executive Board wishes the council members success to achieve benefits for the GCC countries and their people and to achieve the aspiration of our rulers, May Allah protect them.

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