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Successful Surgery for a Rare Case at KKGH in Hafr Al-Batin
27 September 2016
Thanks to Allah, a medical team at King Khalid General Hospital (KKGH) in Hafr Al-Batin has managed to save the life of a citizen, injured by a nail settled in his right kidney. They have conducted a 2-hour successful surgery for this rare case, retrieved the nail without affecting the kidney functions. Currently, the health status of the patient is stable and reassuring, May Allah be praised.
It is worth mentioning that Hafr Al-Batin Governorate has seven hospitals (with a total bed capacity of 1.000) providing health services for patients. These hospitals include King Khalid General Hospital (with 300-bed capacity), Hafr Al-Batin Central Hospital (with 200-bed capacity) Obstetrics−Gynecology and Children's Hospital (with 300-bed capacity), Al-Qaisoumeyyah General Hospital (with 50-bed capacity), Al-Naqaha Hospital (with 50-bed capacity), Mental Health Hospital (with 50-bed capacity), and Al-Sairah General Hospital (with 50-bed capacity). Besides, the healthcare centers in the Governorate amount to 40 centers with their modular buildings, disseminated throughout the districts and hamlets to cover and serve a large number of population.

Last Update : 22 November 2016 11:31 AM
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