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MOH: ‘A Brain Tumor Surgery for a 60- Year-Old Patient Crowned with Success in KFH’
22 September 2016
A complicated surgery has been conducted to a 60- year-old African patient at King Fahd Hospital (KFH) in Jeddah and was crowned with success. He had been referred from Al-Sharq Hospital, suffering from tumor in his head under the chin and lower jaw resulting from a severe inflammation.
First, the patient had been admitted into the Emergency section on Dhul-Hijjah 9th, suffering from a tumor in the lower jaw as a result of a purulent inflammation in the lower wisdom tooth, the matter which led to the spread of purulence and inflammation in the lower jaw extended to the endocarditis of neck and the skin and the blood vessels on both sides of the neck. This affected the patient's immune system, who had been suffering from diabetes, and increased the total white blood cells count, the body temperature, and the amount of glucose in urine due to inflammation. The patient had been given first aid, in terms of giving him some fluids, controlling his blood sugar, as well as conducting the required examinations, laboratory tests and rays. Then, he had been admitted into the operating room as an emergency case to remove the purulence and all affected tissues.
Now, the patient is in stable condition, receiving the proper treatment in the hospital, with monitoring blood sugar level and undergoing topical wound care therapy, until making sure that the inflammation has been treated and the tissues have been covered and are free of any infections completely.
The surgery has been conducted by an integrated medical team comprising consultants and specialists in the neck tumors and plastic surgery, and under the supervision of head of facial surgery and jaws in the hospital, given that of all these stages have been supervised by an integrated anesthesia team led by anesthesia section chief.
It is worth mentioning that the surgery is reckoned one of the major surgeries performed by an integrated medical team and proceeded by arrangements and tests for the patient, in addition to checking the required tools and devices and preparing the patient for the surgery.

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