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MOH Provides Health Services to Over 342,000 Pilgrims
13 September 2016
The Ministry of Health's (MOH) hospitals and health centers have received, on Monday Sept. 12th, 2016 (corresponding to Dhu al-Hijjah 10th, 1437H), 60,769 pilgrims who have benefited from different health services.
According to the medical records of these facilities, 487 pilgrims were admitted, 582 hospitalized, 46 undergone kidney dialysis, heart surgery was performed on 2 patients, in addition to 1 cardiac catheterization operation, 1,622 emergency cases, 55 sunstroke and 138 heat exhaustion cases. 
Within the same vein, the total number of visitors to the health facilities, during the period from August 4th – Sept. 12th, 2016 (corresponding to Dhu al-Qi'dah 1st - Dhu al-Hijjah 10th, 1437H), amounted to 342,105 pilgrims. The recorded cases include admission of 2,939 pilgrims, kidney dialysis for 1,682 patients, 27 pilgrims undergone open heart surgery, 306 cardiac catheterization operations, in addition to 13,786 emergency and 72 sunstroke cases, 1 child birth and 17 endoscope procedures.  

Last Update : 21 September 2016 02:54 PM
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