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MOH Prepares Large Vehicles for Transporting Medications in the Holy Sites
31 August 2016
The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Public Services Department at Jeddah Health Affairs Directorate, has completed its preparations and harnessed all its human potentials for serving pilgrims around the clock, confirming that all services provided by the department during the Hajj season are ready to serve pilgrims and contributing in supporting the health facilities in Jeddah Province, Makkah or the holy sites. As part of its big and effective role in supporting various Hajj works, the public service department allocated 20 different type of vehicles for Makkah Health Affairs, including 9 vehicles fully equipped with all necessary requirements, 4 air-conditioned buses and 7 vehicles of different size and type. Also, a large mobile vehicle is ready to transport medications within the holy sites throughout the Hajj season. Moreover, Al Juhfah border crossing is supported with an ambulance and its maintenance 24 hours a day.  
In addition to making ready ambulances and health service vehicles, the department also provides maintenance services around the clock and throughout the Hajj season. In this regard it has prepared 2 tow vehicles, 2 mobile workshops and a team of professional Saudi drivers, as well as providing transportation supplies and maintenance work for all vehicles operating in the Hajj season, through field and emergency teams in Jeddah Province and on the highway to Makkah and Madinah. 
The department is ready with vehicles and drivers to deal with any emergency, in coordination with the relevant departments at Makkah Health Affairs Directorate, as well as direct coordination with the emergency department, particularly with regard to preparation and movement of ambulances between the department and various health facilities in each of Jeddah, Makkah and holy sites, based on the need of each one. 
On the other hand, the emergency department announced that it is ready to implement the emergency and crisis plan of this year's Hajj. It has finalized all its preparations for serving the pilgrims, in coordination with all concerned departments in Makkah and Jeddah health affairs directorates, in order to deal with the cases and transport them to the health facilities. The holy sites have been supported with 15 ambulances.
As part of the emergency plan of this year's Hajj season, 18 support teams will be available around the clock and throughout the season. Each team comprises 3-4 persons, including physicians, technicians and drivers. In addition to that two prevention medicine teams were formed for rapid intervention, if the need arises, as well as forming specialized teams for psychological and social medical service. Moreover, there will be 10 persons entitled with receiving calls 24 hours a day and throughout the season, in coordination with the relevant authorities.

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