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MOH Gears up to Deal with Heat Exhaustion and Sunstrokes among Pilgrims
31 August 2016
The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by Madinah Health Affairs Directorate, has intensified efforts to deal with heat exhaustion and sunstroke cases among pilgrims, where a sunstroke and heat exhaustion center was established next to Al-Safia health center, which meant to support the sunstroke center alongside Al-Ansar Hospital. This is in view of the fact that the Hajj season of this year1437H and the years to come falls on the summer season, and as a result of high temperature the numbers of heat exhaustion and sunstroke cases are expected to be higher. Also, coordination was made with the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques to make use of display screens at the Haram square and central area, for displaying health awareness programs about on the basics of infection control and means of protection against heat exhaustion and sunstroke.  
Also, the MOH's health regions have supported the Haram central area with 25 ambulances with paramedics to be operated during this year Hajj season, in addition two clinics for patients sorting at Bab Jabreel Health Center, Al-Safia Health Center and Bab Al-Majeidi Center, including a track for suspected cases and another one for emergency and non-infectious cases. 
Moreover, the MOH has added two centers at Miqat Dhul Hulaifah to check on pilgrims leaving for Makkah to perform Hajj, and providing them with necessary treatment, in addition to coordinating with the relevant authorities about the health requirements to be met by pilgrims and making sure they have vaccination certificates from their countries of origin. Also, a voluntary unit was created for serving pilgrims, and medical and nursing cadres were disseminated for the same purpose.

Last Update : 08 September 2016 09:22 AM
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