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MOH Warns Those Travellers Returning from Brazil and Other Zika-Affected Countries
25 August 2016
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has called upon the citizens and residents, returning from Brazil or any other Zika-affected countries, to follow preventive measures against the importation of this virus into the Kingdom. In its press statement, the MOH has highlighted that those people returning from the aforementioned countries have to see a doctor and tell him about the travel date in case of the onset (within two weeks of their arrival) of the following symptoms: fever, skin rashes, muscle and joint pain, and eye redness.
The Ministry has recommended those people to follow, for at least three weeks of returning home, the procedures necessary to prevent mosquito bites, regardless of the onset (or not) of symptoms. These procedures include using mosquito repellent creams or sprays, which are available in pharmacies, and avoiding sleeping in open areas, as well as removing mosquito breeding sites in and around your home such as water in flower pots and small pools of water. 
Finally, the MOH has recommended those people to use condom during marital intercourse, for a period of eight weeks upon returning home, and consult a doctor about increasing such period in case of the onset of any symptoms. Besides, the MOH has warned them against donating blood or its products for four weeks after returning home, regardless of the onset (or not ) of symptoms, and to call 937 for any inquiries or the need to consult specialists of the Vector-Borne Diseases Control Program.

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