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MOH Organizes the 1st Training Course for Cardiology Pharmacists
02 June 2016

The Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Pharmaceutical Care General Department, in collaboration with the Training and Scholarships General Department, has organized a training course for pharmacists working at the cardiac centers and sections, with the participation of 35 fe/male pharmacists from different parts of the Kingdom.  

The Director General of Pharmaceutical Care General Department, Dr. Yahya Al-Sewaih, underlined that the course focused on the importance of honing the skills of pharmacists working at cardiac centers and sections, in such a manner that contributes to improving the treatment outcome and reducing the medication errors, in addition to the pharmacist role in health promotion particularly in the field of heart diseases, as many heart diseases are associated with nutrition patterns.  

For his part, the Senior Pharmacist, Badr Al-Ghamdi, pointed out that the course aims at promoting the efficiency of pharmacists specializing in providing the pharmaceutical services at cardiac centers and sections, being acquainted with recent trends in the pharmacy practice at these sections and developing the pharmacists’ scientific aspect in heart disease treatments. A number of cardiology pharmacists from Prince Sultan Cardiac Center have participated in the course. 




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