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Al-Falih's Message to MOH Staff
08 May 2016
At the end of my job as Minister of Health, I would like to greet every employee of the Ministry of Health (MOH), thanking you all for your dedication and inexhaustible giving for the sake of the health of the citizens of our beloved country.
Dear brothers and sisters, the staff of the MOH, my work in the ministry has allowed me to see closely the magnitude of the responsibility entrusted to this sector and the vital tasks of its distinctive work teams, who are striving hard for upgrading all fields of health care.
While the MOH was my biggest challenge, it was also a great opportunity to serve my country and a school in which I learned a lot from my sincere colleagues who, with their skills and determination, and the ministry senior officials with their broad experiences and potentials, have been a good help to do together whatever we can as a team work. Such efforts had started before me and will continue so after me, Allah willing, under the leadership of my brother Dr. Tawfiq Al- Al-Rabiah, may Allah help him to be successful. 
Allow me to thank you all again, praying for Allah to grant you success and reward you for the efforts you have exerted for the sake of the health of the citizens and residents. 



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