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MOH Holds Consultative Meeting on Health Promotion and Education
26 May 2016
In the presence of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for Primary Healthcare, Dr. Hisham Ibrahim Al-Khashshan, the consultative meeting of directors of health promotion and education in the Kingdom’s regions and provinces was held at the Ministry of Health (MOH) Headquarters, over the period from May 26th to 27th, 2016 (corresponding to Sha‘ban 18th – 19th, 1437H).  
The meetings discussed the health education updates, as well as figuring out an easier mechanism to communicate, unify efforts and develop quick solution to implement the health promotion and education plans, in collaboration with other parties. Besides, the participants in the meeting have been briefed on the work proposals during the coming period.
It is worth mentioning that the meeting comprised many sessions and lectures, with participation of a number of specialists. These sessions and lectures touched upon the new organizational structure of Health Promotion and Education General Department, its tasks and strategy, and the sustainability of resources and creative ideas for health promotion in the regions.
Over and above, the meeting tackled many topics through its sessions, most prominently the community partnership, the Awareness Ambassador Program, "Sehha" Project for health promotion, the current situation of health awareness and needs, and the challenges and solutions. 

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