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Dr. Munirah Al-Osaimi Opens a Course on Upgrading Skills of Directors of Pharmaceutical Care in Regions
11 May 2016

The Assistant Deputy Minister for Supportive Medical Services, Dr. Munirah Al-Osaimi highlighted that the vision and aspirations of our wise leadership, as represented by the national transformation, is the same vision of the citizens and staff of the Ministry of Health (MOH), with respect to the health domain.

Addressing the 11th meeting of directors of pharmaceutical care departments in regions, last Monday, under the title "Upgrading Skills of Pharmaceutical Care Directors in Regions", she said, "There is a great responsibility ahead of us in the health field, basically in the service of patients, we are responsible before Allah not any other person, and every one of us bears full responsibility of his deeds during the Judgment Day. There will be no other similar watcher when the employee senses this matter; however, we should have regulation for every specialty, including the specialties of the pharmaceutical care department, which has recently enjoyed a great care from the ministry". 

She called on the participants to make use of the comprehensive program prepared by the organizing committee for application in regions and provinces, asserting that their departments will be supported by the MOH's pharmaceutical care department.

For his part, the Director-General of the Pharmaceutical Care General Department Dr. Yahya Al-Sewaih said this consultative meeting includes an intensive training course in leadership skills with the aim of applying them in different fields of work, including the latest technological developments and automation in pharmacies, in addition to launching initiatives and obstacles and means to solve them.



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