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Al-Falih Chairs the 1st Meeting between MOH Leaders and Directors General of Health Affairs in the Kingdom
23 March 2016
Under the Chairmanship of His Excellency the Minister of Health, Eng. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih, the first meeting between the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) leaders and the directors general of health affairs in the Kingdom has been held today, Wednesday, morning, in the presence of his Excellency the Vice Minister of Health, Hamad Al-Duweila‘. The meeting was hosted by Al-Qassim Health Affairs Directorate, and discussed a number of topics related to the safety and security of health facilities. Besides, the meeting touched upon the MOH’s strategy and the National Transformation Program, in addition to the participation of a number of MOH leaders in a parallel panel discussion with the directors general of health affairs.
Al-Falih has extended his thanks and appreciation to the Director General of Al-Qassim Health Affairs, Mutlaq Al-Kham‘ali, for hosting the first meeting of the MOH leaders in the Kingdom. Moreover, Al-Falih indicated that the MOH is working continuously on the development of new developmental programs by means of partnership with the private sector to provide some health services.
Furthermore, Al-Falih revealed the MOH’s direction towards the transformation into e-services in all health aspects, especially those related to patients, and the development of e-communication mechanisms, in such a manner that makes it easier for patients to get a lot of procedures. He added that these procedures include making appointments, getting reports, quality control and patient safety, as well as connecting all systems electronically through information systems, and connectivity between pathogens and methods and results of treatment. Al-Falih underlined the importance of paying attention to quality, medical procedures safety and human resources. He also called the MOH leaders participating in the meeting to put forward their enquiries, underlining that the aim of this meeting is to let all attendees listen, discuss and participate.
Within the same vein, Al-Duweila‘ has extended his thanks and appreciation to the Director General of Al-Qassim Health Affairs, for the directorate’s hosting of this meeting, expressing his joy for participation in such meeting and coming up with such recommendation that will positively reflect on the health services.
He added that this meeting has been held, with a view to listening to the obstacles facing health affairs directorates and sharing their concerns, stressing that the meeting will come up with some recommendations and their implementation will be followed up at the coming periodic meetings with health leaders. Moreover, he highlighted that the MOH is so keen to let the MOH leaders visit the health affairs directorates, whether through paying scheduled or non-scheduled visits, considering that the health affairs directorates play a very significant role.  Over and above, Al-Duweila‘ stated that the Ministry is going to experience a paradigm shift in its strategy; as the next stage is very important, and that there will be a satisfaction with health services, meanwhile looking forward to further improvement of performance level.
It is worth mentioning that this first meeting between the MOH leaders and the directors general of health affairs directorates has touched upon a number of topics, most prominently the safety and security of health facilities, the MOH’s strategy, the National Transformation Program, the manpower and the medical projects and supplies.
For his part, the Director General of Al-Qassim Health Affairs, Mutlaq bin Daghaim Al-Kham‘ali has welcomed His Excellency the Minister of Health and His Excellency the Vice Minister of Health, highlighting that the Al-Qassim Health Affairs Directorates is honored with such meetings, to coming up with outcomes that reflect positively on health services in the region.

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