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MOH Continues Developing and Equipping Sterilization Sections in Hospitals According to the Latest International Standards
10 March 2016
The Ministry of Health (MOH) continues its unstinting efforts to improve and develop its health facilities all over the Kingdom’s regions, in such a manner that achieves the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of its services. In this context, the MOH National Sterilization Program has been implementing a plan for five years, to develop sterilization sections in hospitals, and equip them according to the latest international standards; due to the importance of the central sterilization sections and its vital role in the infection control process. Hence, about 90 hospitals have been developed at the same level, while there is a current plan to develop disinfection units at diagnostic endoscopy sections.
The Joint Commission International for Hospital Accreditation has recommended that the central sterilization section at King Faisal Medical Complex (KFMC) in Taif will be one of the reference sections in the Kingdom; due to its high-level equipment in line with the international standards.

Last Update : 16 March 2016 02:59 PM
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