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The 11th Meeting of the OIC Steering Committee on Health Came to an End
06 March 2016
The 11th Meeting of the OIC Steering Committee on Health (SCH), which was held at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) headquarter in Jeddah, has come to an end. This meeting comes in preparation for the 6th Session of the Islamic Conference of Health Ministers (ICHM), which is scheduled to be hosted by Saudi Arabia.
The meeting was begun with an opening speech, delivered by the Turkish representative and president of the 11th meeting, followed by a speech of the representative of Saudi Arabia and Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for Primary Health Care, Dr. Hisham Al-Khashshan. In his speech and on behalf of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Al-Khashshan welcomed the guests in their second country, meanwhile wishing them all a pleasant stay, success of their meeting, and all efforts to be crowned with success.
The meeting tackled a number of topics on the agenda, including discussing and studying powers of the coordinates of the leading countries and the SCH. The topics on the agenda also included studying the arrangements concerning the session of the kings and presidents’ wives about their leadership of cancer control efforts in the OIC member states during the 13th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference (ICS) in Turkey - 2016. Besides, the meeting reviewed the report of the coordinators of the leading countries, which comprised the communication strategy and re-highlighting the strategic health plan, in addition to discussing new topics of priority.
Furthermore, the meeting set the date and venue of the 12th meeting of the SCH. In addition, the meeting approved the report of this 11th meeting of the SCH, which was established following Kuala Lumpur Declaration, by virtue of the resolution of the 11th Session of the ISC.
It is worth mentioning that the 6th Session of the ICHM is scheduled to be hosted by Saudi Arabia, Allah Willing.

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