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MOH Launches Activates of the Training Course Organized by GCMGM
24 February 2016
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched the activities of the intensive training course, under the title: “Assessment of Risks and How to Deal with Them during Hajj and Umrah Seasons”. This training course is organized by the Global Center for Mass Gathering Medicine (GCMGM) affiliated to the MOH Public Health Agency, and will last for nine days.
The training course aims at identifying the basic concepts and standards of the public health during mass gathering, especially in the Hajj and Umrah seasons, and the preparedness to control disasters, which may occur, May Allah forbid. The course is participated by a group of national cadres from different relevant government agencies.
The GCMGM aims through this training course to prepare for a comprehensive assessment of risks during the Hajj season, and how to get ready, in terms of the aspects of planning, training and determining the necessary manpower. The training are conducted by an elite of international experts in mass gathering and emergency medicine and management from each of the British Public Health Authority, the Australian Flinders University, the University of Dundee, the University of St Andrews in UK, and the World Health Organization (WHO).
It is worth mentioning that the training course comprised several key topics, including the risk assessment, and command and control during emergencies, as well as the distribution of roles and tasks. The course also touched upon sorting and dealing with the victims, the communication during the risks and disasters, the role of health facilities during emergencies, in addition to dealing with sunstroke and heat exhaustion, and crowd behaviors and the dynamics.

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