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GCC Health Ministers’ Council Releases a Documentary Book on the Occasion of Its 40th Anniversary
16 February 2016
The Health Ministers’ Council for the Gulf Cooperation Council States with its Executive Board has released a documentary book on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its establishment. The book outlines the gulf march, which is marked by giving and excellence in the health domain.
The Director General of the Executive Board of the GCC Health Ministers’ Council, Dr. Tawfiq bin Ahmad Khojah, has pointed out that the Health Ministers’ Council is one of the Councils affiliated to the GCC, which was established in 1396H/ 1976. Since then, the Council has achieved many health achievements, which reinforced bonds of cooperation, contributed to the dissemination of medical sciences, and documented ties between the member states.
Dr. Khojah has stated that this documentary book features the history of achievements and ongoing work of the GCC joint cooperation and collaboration in the health field, to reflect the results of these successive efforts and sincere determination. “These efforts and determination have achieved, by the grace of Almighty Allah, pages of light and outstanding programs; to link the past with the present, being as continuation of the goodness and prosperity of their Majesties and Highnesses the GCC leaders, May Allah support them. This book comes within the framework of enhancing the role of health identity in the development and consolidation of bonds between the GCC states themselves, and with the gulf, regional and global organizations and bodies,” said Khojah.
He went on saying that this book records in words and images, throughout this historic era, some of what has been achieved towards enhancing the GCC joint work during the past forty years, meanwhile paving the way for a brighter and future in the health domain, thereby putting the most important priorities of the Gulf work for the coming phase in this area, with full credibility and objectivity.
Furthermore, Khojah indicated that the idea of establishing the GCC Health Ministers’ Council and its Executive Board was developed, with a view to carrying out a leading role of the GCC countries in the fields of health services development, their programs improvement and their performance promotion; thereby deserve all support and cooperation, as the member states has spared no effort since its inception in supporting health cooperation financially and morally. “The GCC Health Ministers’ Council represents a successful model for GCC joint work, which has not only become the most important pillar of health security, with its health and social aspects, but also formed a big role in our Gulf lives, as if it were a wonderful picture drawn with efficiency and competence by rulers, May Allah protect them, with participation of their excellencies ministers of health, all health leaders in these countries and its employees, within the framework of social and health development, which is sought by every gulf citizen, in an unrivaled manner of cohesion and brotherhood. This prestigious performance has been crowned with global acceptance and appreciation. Hence, the GCC Health Ministers’ Council and its Executive Board has consecutively received several prestigious international awards in the outstanding performance, quality, creativity and global professionalism, May Allah be praised,” he added.
It didn’t escape Khojah’s notice to extend his thanks and appreciation to the first generation of honorable ministers, members of the executive branch, members of the technical committees and former managers of this Executive Board; for their efforts which are still fruitful until today. He underlined that the GCC Health Ministers’ Council and its Executive Board has been and still is the headmost in promoting the role of health identity and creating links with regional and international organizations and bodies; thus becoming by the support for all the relevant authorities. Besides, the Council contributed across these forty years in the issuance of a large number of books and publications, in addition to “Sehat Al-Khaleej” Magazine and other activities.

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