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Riyadh Governor Inaugurates Diabetes Center at KKESH
08 January 2016
His Royal Highness the Governor of Riyadh Region, Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz has inaugurated recently the Sheikh Saleh Al-Rajhi Diabetes Center at King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH, in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Health, Eng. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih. The Governor of Riyadh has expressed his happiness over the partnership between both private and government sectors, which is reckoned one of the most important foundations of perfect civilized work, in which the efforts of the private sectors are harmonized with the state's capabilities.
He said: “There is no doubt that the government spares no effort in this regard, but citizens are also required to contribute to these areas. The Sheikh Saleh Al-Rajhi Diabetes Center is a very important project that should be highlighted and praised. I am, as a Saudi citizen, proud of my country, its government and people who have made this country a beacon of wonderful social work, which is commensurate with the state's capabilities, with a view to collectively achieving international standards, Allah willing.”
He went on saying: “The project has been saved from stumbling after being handed over to a national company. This pioneering organization has managed to pull off this project, which has become a landmark, enjoying the attention and follow-up of His Excellency the Minister of Health. We wish him every success.”
The Governor of Riyadh pointed out that this work reflects the good citizenship that we must support, saying that such achievement will bring our projects to the best level, especially after the MOH portfolio has been assigned to a minister who can actually take it to a wonderful level. 
For his part, the Minister of Health extended his deepest thanks and appreciation to HRH the Governor of Riyadh for inaugurating the Center, meanwhile lauding the ongoing support shown by the wise leadership. He highlighted that the MOH is keen to achieve the optimum utilization of such support, in such a manner reflecting positively on improving the health services provided for citizens, in an endeavor to achieve their aspirations and meet their health needs.    
Besides, it didn’t escape his notice to extend his thanks to Saleh Al Rajhi Endowments, for donation to establish this center, which will contribute, Allah Willing, to providing such specialized services, and reduce waiting times for patients, pointing out that this project reflects the concept of social responsibility and partnership between all sectors of society.
Within the same vein, the Executive Director General of KKESH, Dr. Abdul-Elah bin ‘Abbad Al-Towerki, commenced the Riyadh Governor’s patronage of the  opening ceremony, and extended his thanks to the Health Minister for his ongoing support to the health sector in general and to KKESH in particular. He pointed out that the KKESH is reckoned an international medical center providing therapeutic services, in addition to training and research.
“The inauguration of the aforementioned Diabetic Center came in the context of the keenness to improve health services and keep up with the increasing number of patients. The center treats patients with diabetic polyneuropathy or any other types of retinal diseases. The Center, financed by Sheikh Saleh Al Rajhi Endowments, was built inside the hospital's campus at a total cost of about 40 million riyals. The Center has been equipped out of the KKESH’s budget with medical and non-medical devices,” said Riyadh Governor.
He added: “KKESH has an outstanding medical staff, as the number of retina consultants reached 15, and the number of graduates from the Saudi Ophthalmology Fellowship Program for Precise Specialties till this year amounted to 291 fe/male physicians, including 34 physicians from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States, holding Precise Specialties degree in Ophthalmology, who are working in all regions of the Kingdom and GCC states. During the past five years, the hospital has graduated 20 fe/male physicians with retina specialty fellowship, while 11 physicians are currently being trained in the Retina Program, which is accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS).”

It is worth mentioning that the Sheikh Saleh Al-Rajhi Center has been established in a total land area of 6236 square meters. It has been divided into six floors, comprising seventeen examination clinics, two treatment rooms and one operating section, including a number of operating rooms and recovery beds. That is to be added to seventeen rooms for laser and eye imaging, research laboratory, educational halls, library, pharmacy, administrative offices, multi-purpose hall and hall for patient reception and registration services.

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