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MOH Emergency Call Center (937) Handles 11,048 Calls Last Week
12 January 2016
Thanks be to Allah, the Emergency Call Center (937) at the Ministry of Health (MOH), managed to handle 11,048 calls, over the period from January 3rd to 9th 2016 (corresponding to Rabie‘ Al-Awwal 23rd to 29th, 1437H), including 191 employee-transfer requests (at a rate of 2%) of the total incoming calls.
Besides, the Center handled a number of complaints (at a rate of 3%) of the total calls, all of which are whether under process or closed based on the nature of the complaint, while 78 urgent notifications (at a rate of 1%) have been completely closed.
The Director-General of the MOH Emergency, Dr. Tariq Al-‘Arnous, has revealed that the Center received 1,789 medical consultations in various specialties (at a rate of 16%), and 8,691 inquiries related to the health sector and MOH services (at a rate of 78%) of the total incoming calls.
 “The MOH has launched the (937) Service Center, to serve as a link between the citizen and official, by means of receiving all citizens' calls around the clock and dealing with them, as soon as possible, at the highest quality,” said Al-‘Arnous.
He went on saying that the Center deals with notifications related to employee transfer, treatment, complaints and medical consultations; in an endeavor to meet all needs of citizens. He went on saying that the Center also provides and analyses statistics on a regular basis; in order to contribute to improving the level of health services in the Kingdom’s regions and provinces, with a view to including these statistics in the MOH future plans.

Last Update : 12 January 2016 11:33 AM
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