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MOH: ‘7,000 Candidates Admitted to the Diploma Graduates Qualification Program’
05 January 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that a number of 7,000 candidates from the health diploma graduates have been admitted to join the Diploma Graduates Qualification Program, which will last for a year, including 6 months of academic study and other 6 months of clinic study at the MOH’s hospitals. On this occasion, the MOH has extended congratulations to the candidates, meanwhile indicating that it will announce, via the MOH’s Portal, the training locations, Allah Willing.
As part of its various community initiatives, the MOH has launched, via its Portal, a program meant to enumerate the applications. As the number of applicants amounted to 13,472, out of them 2,570 applications have been disposed of; due to non-conformity to requirements, while 11,172 applications were confirm to requirements. Then, differentiation has been conducted between the last-mentioned applications based on the graduation year, study years and the GPA. Thus, 4,171 applicants have been disposed of, and the final candidates amounted to 7,000.
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Health has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with and the Ministry of labor and Social Development; with a view to reducing the personnel gap and achieving the professional and economic security, by means of Saudization that provides job opportunities in the health sector. This MOU comes is in line with the Gracious Royal Directives, stipulating that the government agencies overseeing the various economic activities to coordinate with the Ministry of Labor and Social development for identifying the critical careers and the Saudization rate required to achieve professional security. This also comes in concordance with the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to establish a professional sector councils meant to identify these sectors’ needs of skills or competences.
T view the admission status, kindly submit your national ID number on the following link:

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