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Dr. Sa'aidi Inaugurates an Osteoporosis Clinic in Jeddah
23 December 2015
The Director General of Genetic and Chronic Diseases Control at Ministry of Health (MOH), Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya Sa'aidi, has inaugurated an osteoporosis clinic equipped with a bone densitometry device (Central DEXA) at Madain Al-Fahd Health Center in Jeddah. This took place in the presence of the Director of National Program to Combat Osteoporosis, Dr. Fahad Al-Omari. In fact, this device, used in health centers, is the first of its kind for osteoporosis early detection in the Kingdom.
Al-Omari‎ highlighted the importance of this event in the osteoporosis early detection and the treatment in early stages, in addition to conducting all necessary medical examinations and following up the patient's condition periodically; in order to make sure of the suitability for treatment. “According to studies, the osteoporosis rate among women and men over the age of 50 has reached 30% in the Kingdom. During the coming period, five centers for osteoporosis early detection will be opened in various regions of the Kingdom, Allah Willing,” Al-Omari said. Hence, he calls upon all men and women over the age of 60 to early undergo osteoporosis screening; as treatment is possible, to protect themselves against fragility fractures. Besides, he pointed out that fragility fractures among the elderly may lead to death or physical disability.
For their parts, the Deputy Assistant Director General of Public Health ‎in Jeddah, Dr. Khalid Al-Sharif, the Director of Public Health Chronic Diseases, Dr. Hamoud Al-Jabri and the Director of Madain Al-Fahd Health Center, Mr. Faisal Al-Mutairi, extended their thanks to the National Program to Combat Osteoporosis. Furthermore, they promised to exert their utmost efforts in order to combat this disease and follow-up the early detection stages during the coming period in Jeddah.

Last Update : 29 December 2015 11:44 AM
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