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MOH Participates in the National Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness
15 December 2015
The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Public Health Agency, has participated in the National Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness's initiative dubbed: (ksa10), as a strategic partner with “Alf Khair” Company. The initiative was launched at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, under the auspices of the Founder and CEO of Alf Khair Company, Her Royal Highness Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud.  The MOH launches a one-year-national campaign; with a view to raising woman's health awareness and early detection, focusing on breast cancer; by means of gathering women and forming a human pink ribbon to symbolize the importance of health awareness to confront breast cancer, which is reckoned the first type of cancer amongst women in the Kingdom and the major cause of death amongst women.
The campaign was keen to benefit from this gathering in raising health awareness amongst women of all ages about everything related to chronic diseases; including risk factors, how to avoid them and the importance of early detection. In addition to providing checkups for early detection of some of these diseases, given that they are of the main diseases that constitute a health and economic burden on the state; due to their widespread among the Saudi society and their impact on the life quality of the individual and family. It is also a good opportunity for concerted efforts, as well as enhancing community partnership for the sake of the nation and citizen.
It is worth mentioning that more than 13,ooo woman participated in the initiative, of whom 8,246 ladies formatting human ribbon, the number which was recorded in the Guinness World Records for this year. 
The MOH has provided support services through an integrated and qualified medical team (Female health educators, nurses, doctors, in addition to volunteers), and by providing Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University with devices for early detection of some diseases (e.g. diabetes, osteoporosis, weight gain and obesity and hypertension) and two clinics for early detection of breast cancer with the mammogram. Over and above, the MOH has conducted checkups for more than 150 ladies and educated about 1,000 ladies during the event. It is to be noted that the clinic at the university will last for one month, and then to be moved to another location, and so on throughout the year.

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