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Vice Minister of Health to Inaugurate the Scientific Conference of World AIDS Day
03 December 2015
His Excellency the Vice Minister of Health, Mr. Hamad Al-Doweila’, will inaugurate ‎next Monday morning, December 7th, 2015 (corresponding to Safar 25th, 1437H), the scientific conference of World AIDS Day for the year 2015\1437, at Four Seasons Hotel in Al-Mamlaka Tower (or the Kingdom Centre).
The Spokesman of the Ministry of Health (MOH), Eng. Faisal Al-Zahrani, has pointed out that the conference activities target all members of society; with a view to participating in eliminating the disease, within the framework of implementing the National Strategy for Combating AIDS in the Kingdom.
 “The World Health Organization (WHO), the UN organizations for HIV/AIDS control, and all world countries including ‎Saudi Arabia, celebrate the World AIDS Day on the ‎‎1st December each year, focusing on the activation of ‎therapeutic and preventive control activities in general and ‎control elements and programs in particular, to be activated throughout the year,” said al-Zahrani.
He went on saying that the MOH campaign will broadcast, via different media outlets and social networking websites, awareness messages, including many activities meant to raise ‎awareness and knowledge and change wrong behaviors; targeting all ‎members of society in general, and those people most vulnerable to the disease in particular. ‎He added that the campaign will also contribute to raising health awareness among healthy individuals in general, by guiding them to the correct scientific methods of ‎prevention that must be followed to avoid HIV infection.
“In the meantime, the campaign aims at educating AIDS patients on how to live ‎better among patients and society, in such a matter that ensures their lives' ‎continuation in a normal way,” Al-Zahrani indicated.

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