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Neurosurgical Team at KKH Restored Vision to a Woman in Her 40s in Najran
25 November 2015
A neurosurgical team at King Khalid Hospital (KKH) in Najran succeeded to restore vision to a woman in her 40s, as she had been suffering from complete loss of vision for 8 months, due to a skull base tumor. 
Thanks to Allah, the surgical team has managed to remove the tumor entirely from the woman’s head, and the surgery was crowned with success and patient's recovery.
The Supervisor-General of KKH in Najran, Dr. Abdu bin Hassan Al-Zubaidi, has pointed out that the success of such complex surgery accrues to the availability of outstanding medical staff and modern medical and technical equipment at KKH in Najran, as it has become a specialized center for all advanced medical cases. 
He went on saying that the health status of the patient is good, and she left the hospital, meanwhile receiving a follow-up program.

Last Update : 16 December 2015 02:20 PM
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