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Bin Saeed: “Breast Cancer Is Constantly Increasing, the Leading Type of Cancer among Women”
25 November 2015

The Deputy Minister of Health for Public Health, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Saeed, highlighted that breast cancer comes on the top of the most common types of cancer among women worldwide.

 During the closing ceremony of the National Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness, which was held on Tuesday at Riyadh Four Seasons Hotel, Dr. bin Saeed said revealed that more than 1.67 million cases have been diagnosed (at a rate of 25%) of all types of cancer in 2012, and breast cancer is now reckoned the second cause of death among women, after lung cancer in most developed countries.” 




“The incidence rate of breast cancer is constantly increasing all over the world, and it is expected to reach three-fold by 2030. Since 1990, a steady decrease was noticed in the breast cancer-related death rate in the developed countries; due to their implementation of early detection programs and the development of treatment approaches,” he said, noting that statistics of the Saudi Cancer Registry (SCR) in 2010 shows that breast cancer is the leading type of cancer among women in the Kingdom (at a rate of 29%), compared to other types of cancer (at rate of 10000/24.9 among women), given that the average age at diagnosis is 49, which is less by 10-15 years in the western countries.


Bin Saeed expressed his sadness that most breast cancer cases are detected at late stages by 60% (compared to 20% in the developed countries), the matter which raises the rate of mortality, reduces chances of recovery and increases the costs of treatment. He added that one-third of women with the disease are under the age of 40, a matter which requires rapid intervention.


“The importance of early detection of breast cancer, as early detection with the mammogram of about 50% - 70% of the targeted group of women will reduce the mortality rate to more than 30%, in addition to improving the quality of life of survivors, because treatment is topical and non-intensive, said Bin Saeed.

He went on saying that the National Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness for the month of October, 2015 witnessed great efforts and fruitful cooperation between the program and the relevant departments of the Ministry of Health (MOH) on one hand, and between the program and the health affairs directorate in the Kingdom on the other hand. He underlined that the campaign successfully managed to educate more than 200,000 women, examine 2200 women with mammogram and detect 15 cases in Riyadh region, by means of cooperation between the public and private sectors with civil society institutions.  

Concluding his speech, Bin Saeed extended his thanks to Her Royal Highness Princess Haifa bint Faisal bin Abdulaziz, the Chairwoman of Board of Directors of Zahra Breast Cancer Association, for her noble services in the field of early detection. Besides, it didn’t escape his notice to thank the Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and other supportive bodies, in addition to the staff of the National Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness for the year 2015 under the theme: “Reassure Us about You, You Are the Top of Our Concern”, for their great efforts and achievements. 

For her part, Princess Haifa expressed her pride over the partnership between the Zahra Association and the MOH's National Program for Early Detection of Breast Cancer, which highlighted the importance of partnership between the civil society institutions and governmental agencies in promoting health and health awareness in the Kingdom.  

In her speech on behalf of Princess Haifa, the Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Zahra Association, Dr. Su’aad bint Muhammad bin Amer, said: “We are pleased to launch today our first mobile clinic for early detection of breast cancer with financial support from SABIC. This mobile clinic has officially been handed over to the MOH, and allocated for Al-Ahsa Governorate.” On her own account and on behalf of all members of the Association’s Board of Directors, she extended thanks and appreciation His Excellency the Minister of Health and the staff of the MOH's National Program for Early Detection of Breast Cancer, for their fruitful efforts in the health awareness domain. 

The Director of Social Responsibility at SABIC, Mr. Yarob Al-Thonyan stated: “The mobile clinics, which SABIC financed with 5 million riyals, was handed over to the MOH by the Zahra Association, and the company is planning to finance other 5 mobile clinics later”. He pointed out that SABIC will establish, in collaboration with the MOH, a hospital for mental health and addiction treatment and Muntasaf Al-Tariq Center for treatment of those recovered from addiction, that is to be added to the previous established projects and other future projects to be established in the different regions of the Kingdom. 

In her speech before the ceremony, the Director of the National Program for Early Detection of Breast Cancer, Dr. Fatina Al-Tahhan, said: “Thanks to Allah, the National Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness organized in October, 2015 has achieved the desired objectives and outcomes. They include supplying all regions with integrated set of educational materials, establishing breast cancer awareness booths in major shopping malls, organizing symposiums and workshops for health workers, as well as activating the service of early detection with radiation imaging, free of charge, at the different public and private health facilities, in coordination with the Program.” 

Furthermore, Dr. Al-Tahhan extended her thanks to Zahra Breast Cancer Association, led by Princess Haifa bint Faisal bin Abdulaziz, and to SABIC and all the supportive bodies of the Program's activities. The closing ceremony included visual presentation on the achievements of the Campaign since its inauguration, as well as statistics on breast cancer in the Kingdom and worldwide. 

Within the same vein, Dr. Bin Saeed signed the receipt of the mobile clinic from Zahra Association and SABIC, and signed an agreement for receiving other 5 mobile clinics for early detection of breast cancer, while Dr. Suaad signed from the Association side.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, Bin Saeed gave the supportive and sponsoring bodies some souvenirs and shields in appreciation of their efforts exerted in the National Campaign for Early Detection of Breast Cancer.



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