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Governor of Jazan Patronizes Inauguration of New Specialized Health Projects
22 November 2015
Under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Governor of Jazan region, Prince Muhammad bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, a number of health projects for public and specialized hospitals and primary health care centers will be inaugurated on Tuesday November 24th, 2015.
His Excellency the Minister of Health Eng. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih explained that the health services in Jazan region enjoy the interest and support of our rulers, may Allah protect them, the matter which greatly impacted this vital sector to become one of the most brightened spots in the region's developmental march. He added that the region embraces 21 hospitals with a total capacity of 2200 beds, equipped with the latest medical supplies and qualified medical and technical cadres, among of them 13 hospitals for serving the peripheral, border and mountainous areas and 5 referral hospitals with a total capacity of more than 100 beds. This is to be added to King Fahad Central Hospital as a reference hospital with a total capacity of 500 beds, 3 specialized medical centers for dentistry and diabetes and 177 primary health care centers, he said. 
Besides, Al-Falih pointed out that Jazan region's hospitals include 115 beds at IC units for adults, children and newborns, in addition to 182 beds at dialysis units for serving kidney failure patients across the Jazan region.
Al-Falih went on saying that the new health projects came within the framework of the Ministry of Health's (MOH) keenness to achieve integrated health development for the whole Kingdom in general, and for the peripheral areas in particular, such as Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital with 200-bed capacity, Al-Amal Complex for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment in Jazan with 200-bed capacity, Bish General Hospital with 100- bed capacity, in addition to 53 primary health care centers, among which 17 centers as part of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' noble gift to replace the primary health care centers, and 36 new centers for primary health care disseminated all over the region's provinces. 
On this occasion Al-Falih has extended his thanks and gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Crown Prince and the Deputy Crown Prince, may Allah protect them, for their constant support for health sector, meanwhile lauding such generous support which reflects the leadership's keenness to maintain the health and safety of the Kingdom’s people and provide health care for them.
He said that the unstinting support granted by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the health sector reflects the interest of the Government and its keenness to provide health care for the noble citizens, maintain their health and safety and meet their health needs, as well as pinpointing the strength of the Kingdom economy and its relentless efforts to enhance the health services which brought about a paradigm shift in both quality and quantity.  
Furthermore, Al-Falih indicated that the new health projects will contribute, Allah willing, to supporting the process of health work in the region, and will have positive effects on the development of health services and the improvement of health facilities performance, the matter which will benefit the citizen with its fruitful outcomes, and all of us will be pleased, Allah willing, with these medical achievements.
 “As per the gracious directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the MOH puts the citizen's health as its top concern and priority, in terms of serving him and gaining his satisfaction, as well as improving the health services provided to him, in such a manner living up to the aspirations of our rulers, may Allah protect them, and providing the appropriate health care for the citizen,” underlined Al-Falih.
He went on saying that by virtue of the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may Allah protect him, all cities and provinces of our beloved Kingdom are about to inaugurate huge health projects, and the foundation stones will be laid for other future projects, a matter which will enable the MOH to increase its bed capacity. He underscored that the MOH is looking forward not only to increasing the bed capacity, but also improving its kind and quality. Hence, the MOH has applied the latest standards of hospital construction in line with the international specifications and equipped hospitals with the latest technology in the health domain, in such a manner that achieves the balanced and fair distribution among the Kingdom’s regions.
"The MOH developmental movement will cover all its facilities, as the MOH is witnessing major developmental activities involving the areas of primary healthcare, quality, and accreditation. Also, the MOH has not ignored the training and scholarship programs, which come at the core of the developmental process, as it is widely known that the optimal investment is always about developing the skills of the national cadres" he said.  
It didn’t escape Al-Falih’s notice to extend his thanks and appreciation for the Governor of Jazan for patronizing the opening ceremony of the new health projects in the region, the matter which reflects his concern about the health and safety of the citizens and residents in the region, as well as his support for the health sector in Jazan region. Al-Falih added that the MOH's achievements in the region are attributed to the Governor of Jazan, which the citizens and residents will reap their fruits. Besides, Al-Falih extended his thanks to the council and people of Jazan region. 
Finally Al-Falih prayed for Allah, the Almighty, to protect the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and His Royal Highness the Deputy Crown Prince, perpetuate the grace of security and stability for our country, guide us to achieve what we all aspire to and make all of our deeds sincere for Him Almighty.

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