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MOH: H1N1 Is Seasonal Disease, No Longer Epidemic
13 October 2015
Referring to the news published in some newspapers and websites, that H1N1 cases have recently been reported, the MOH spokesman, Fasial bin Sa'eed Al-Zahrani, revealed that H1N1 influenza is one of the seasonal diseases; it is no longer an epidemic. He stressed that those cases were announced upon their detection, within the framework of the transparency approach which the Ministry of Health (MOH) embraces in dealing with media, and as part of its efforts to boost confidence with all segments and categories of the society.   

He noted that announcing the onset of those cases is not to be regarded as inconsistent with the MOH's statement delivered by His Excellency the Minister of Health, Eng. Khalid Al-Falih, at the conclusion of this year's Hajj season, in which he confirmed that no cases of epidemic or quarantine disease have been reported amongst pilgrims. This is a fact to which the World Health Organization (WHO) has testified. WHO was closely following up and monitoring all MOH's procedures and actions before and during the Hajj season.


Al-Zahrani called upon all mass media to verify accuracy, and obtain information from authentic sources. Meanwhile, he affirmed that MOH is ready to answer any inquiries, as soon as possible, in a manner that achieves health security, and prevents manipulation of the public opinion.


Media reports stated that 74 seasonal influenza cases have been reported during this year's Hajj season. Some websites mentioned that other cases have been reported amongst the expatriates working for a company in Jazan.


It's noteworthy that seasonal influenza is a common disease in Hajj. MOH launches an annual campaign vaccinate for workers in the Hajj season, in addition to the inhabitants of Makkah and Madinah. Besides, the MOH mulls imposing seasonal influenza vaccine, as one of the Hajj health requirements, starting from the coming Hajj season. That is because the majority of pilgrims are elderly, and are at high risk to the influenza acute complications when infected with seasonal flu.  




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