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MOH’s Obituary of Mina Crush Victims
24 September 2015
It's with deep sadness and sorrow that the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) announces the death of 700 pilgrims as a result of Mina's deadly stampede, which left over 860 victims with different injuries. For the time being, those figures are subject to change until emergency services crews are done with recording and sorting out all casualties.

The Minister of Health, Khalid bin AbdulAziz Al-Falih, stated, "I'd like to offer my sincere condolences to the families of the crush victims. I also would like to note that the Ministry's emergency response plan has been put into effect. We act in coordination with the concerned bodies to offer the best healthcare possible to the victims. Over 500 doctors, nurses, and paramedics have been assigned to tend to and evacuate the injured cases".


In coordination with the Civil Defence, the Red Crescent Authority, and other health service providers, MOH has sent more than 100 medical teams to the scene for immediate field response to emergency. Each medical team consists of 2 doctors and 4 nurses, and paramedics to tend to the injured and evacuate them to be transferred to the nearest medical facility for the required treatment according to the injury and condition. The injured are now being hospitalized at MOH health institutions in the Holy Sites, Makkah and the Public Security, National Guard, and Armed Forces hospitals in the region.


MOH is to issue regular updates on the injured conditions and their progress. For the time being, we invite the families of the victims to call the MOH emergency for updates at: 937.


Al-Falih ended his statement with a message to the MOH staff, "We will do our best to offer all means of support and care to the victims, following the directions of our wise leadership, and asking Allah, the Supreme- Answerer, to accept those who died in the crush as martyrs, endow them with mercy and heal the injured".





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