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The Holy Sites’ Hospitals Apply Triage on Pilgrims Injured in Mina Stampede Incident
24 September 2015
Immediately after the Mina stampede incident was reported, the Ministry of Health (MOH) hospitals in the Holy Sites applied a number of urgent measures to apply triage on cases admitted to the emergency units by means of classifying them into three categories, namely red, yellow and green. This move was meant to facilitate the admission of cases to the appropriate section in order to receive medical services in an easy and accurate manner. The “red” category refers to critical cases so it came on top, while the “yellow” category identifies medium cases, and the “green” category refers to mild cases.
The medical cadres, tasked with sorting cases, were keen to accomplish their mission in an accurate and easy manner, depending on the case’s overall appearance as well as the rate of respiration and pulse, aka initial evaluation, and then the case was taken to the appropriate section, where ambulatory services are provided for him.

Last Update : 12 October 2015 08:24 AM
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