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MOH: 17 Emergency Centers along the Jamaraat Bridge on Standby
24 September 2015
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has completed its preparations at the emergency centers along the Jamaraat Bridge. They have been supported with highly-qualified staff, advanced medical equipment, drugs and medical supplies. Dr. Omar Al-Yahia, member of the Hajj Technical Supervisory Committee, and Supervisor of the Holy Sites Health Centers, has pointed out that the number of health centers along the Jmaraat Bridge amounts to 17 centers, staffed with 45 doctors and 65 nurses. 

He added, “These centers are well equipped with all potentials to swiftly respond to emergency cases, by means of providing first-aid services, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and carrying critical cases to the nearest hospitals by equipped ambulances.”    

Al-Yahia went on to say, "Workers at the emergency centers along the Jamaraat Bridge have received specialized training courses in dealing with emergency cases and providing them with immediate emergency and therapeutic services. Some courses were centered on recognition of sunstroke and heat exhaustion symptoms, and ways to treat them."  

"Cooperation and coordination are underway between the MOH and other health ambulatory sectors to deal with any emergency cases taking place along the Jamaraat Bridge - Allah forbid - with the aim of providing the best ambulatory and medical services for pilgrims," he expounded. 

He revealed that MOH's health centers along the Jamaraat Bridge provided ambulatory services for about 2.500 cases during the last Hajj season, 1435H.
Concluding, Dr. Al-Yahia lauded the efforts exerted annually by the taskforce of Mina and Jamaraat centers administration, led by Dr. Ayman Termezi and his colleagues, to develop the structures measures of those centers, and to continuously coordinate to provide the best ambulatory services for pilgrims along the Jamaraat Bridge. 


Last Update : 07 October 2015 10:39 AM
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