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The MOH Provides a Scientific E-Library for Health Practitioners Working in Hajj
23 September 2015
In this year’s Hajj season, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has provided an electronic and updated mechanism to help health practitioners to easily obtain documented medical and clinical information.
This was announced by the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for Supportive Medical Services and Head of the Hajj Supportive Medical Service Committee, Dr. Munira bint Hemdan al-Esseimi, who highlighted that out of the Committee’s endeavors to provide health practitioners with documented informational sources about medicines and clinical information to help them diagnose diseases in an easy, modern and fast way, cooperation was made with a U.S. company specialized in this field to help health professionals obtain and get acquainted with the latest and well-known information from the global resources in an easy and convenient way.
“Under such cooperation, all health professionals working in the 1436H Hajj season were granted full access to the Scientific American Library for a month starting from Dhul-Hijjah 7th, 1436H,” she said.
Dr. al-Esseimi noted that the scientific library contains detailed and up-to-date information about medicines, pregnancy, breast-feeding, toxins, herbals and natural substances, in addition to other materials on developing awareness about medicines dispensed to children and other patients in 19 universal languages. The library includes a separate section for clinical counseling for adults and children, and another section for globally-used medicines, in addition to other important information for health practitioners.
“Cooperation with the American company and provision of the scientific library aimed at boosting the level of health care and services provided for pilgrims in a manner that ensures good health for pilgrims throughout the Hajj period and protect them from any complications, may Allah forbid,” she said.
Dr. al-Esseimi called on health professionals working in Hajj to make use of information provided by the library in the areas of their work.

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