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MOH Religious Awareness Committee Visits Patients and Gives out Copies of Holy Quran, Flyers, and Tayammum Kits
22 September 2015
The Religious Awareness Committee at Ministry of Health (MOH) is making preparations for this year's Hajj (1436 H) by providing religious awareness services at the Holy Sites' hospitals in Mina and Arafat. The committee pays visits to inpatients, gives out copies of the Holy Quran, flyers, guides in multiple languages, and tayammum kits (dry ablution items) for patients who can't use water for medical reasons.  
The Religious Awareness Committee was created to fulfill the patients' need for direction and guidance in terms of juristic judgments for sick pilgrims, religious advice, reassurance, and air of tranquility.
The committee visits inpatients in Mina and Arafat's hospitals, and provides them with guidance on Islamic juristic rules for sick pilgrims; and answers pilgrims' question about jurist matters. Furthermore, the committee is responsible for maintenance of prayer areas at health facilities in the Holy Sites, coordination with concerned entities to provide supplies (copies of the Quran, carpets, and loudspeakers), and securing Imams and Muezzins. One of the important missions of the committee is accompanying the medical convoys, which transfer patients from Mina to Arafat back and forth, and guiding sick pilgrims on Hajj juristic rules in concert with the medical team.   
The committee has provided Quran copies, flyers, tayammum kit, ihram clothing and other supplies for diseased pilgrims as follows:
Copies of the Holy Quran: 2628
Tayammum kits: 4200
Flyers: 8836
Ihram clothing: 1880
Women clothing: 1768
Shoes: 660

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