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A Company Specialized in Cooked Food Operates the Nutrition Section at Hema al-Mashaer Complex
21 September 2015
One of the companies specialized in cooked food and contracted with the Ministry of Health (MOH) started to operate the nutrition sector at Hema al-Mashaer Complex in Al-Awali, Makkah. At a newly-inaugurated dining hall in Al-Awali housing units, the company began to deliver a number of high-value and healthy meals for the MOH’s seconded personnel.

The Head of the Nutrition Section at Hema al-Mashaer Complex, Nutritionist Mohamed bin Abdurrahman Al-Omari, said the nutrition section at the Hema al-Mashaer Complex was fully operated for this year’s Hajj season thanks to the great efforts exerted by the Chairman of the Nutrition Committee of the 1436H Hajj season, Mr. Mishari bin Hamad Al-Dakhil, and the Committee Members Ibrahim bin Mansour Attia and Mishari bin Saleh Al-Gharib. “Also, a fully-equipped dining hall was opened for the MOH’s seconded personnel at Al-Awali housing units to accommodate 100 persons,” he noted.

“300 high-value and healthy meals are provided a day at the dining hall, with varied open-buffet foodstuffs being catered,” Al-Omari added, noting that hot drinks are also provided all the day for the seconded personnel at their lounges under the supervision of nutrition specialists, who follow up the processes of receiving and preparing food and serving them at the dining hall for the seconded personnel.


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