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25.000 Health Professionals, Over 800 Doctors and Nurses to Boost Performance of Holy Sites Health Facilities
21 September 2015
The Housing Supervisor of MOH Al-Awally Complex, Khalid Al-Zahrani, stated that this year (1436 H), the Ministry of Health (MOH) managed to provide a more integrated system for healthcare, preventive and ambulatory services. MOH assigned about 25.000 health professionals (medical, technical and administrative personnel), under the Manpower Program, to participate in this year's Hajj work. It supported Madinah with additional seconded staff of 770 members of different specialties, and secured over 800 doctors and nurses specialized in rare specialties from all over KSA to boost performance of health facilities in the Holy Sites, Makkah, and Madinah, in terms of such specialties as IC, cardiology, kidney diseases, endoscopy, ER, and communicable diseases. 

Al-Zahrani said that MOH took into account facilitating an appropriate environment for the massive manpower assigned to Hajj work this year, firmly believing that this will be an incentive that would help health workers perform their duties of serving pilgrims. This year, MOH offered an additional completely-furnished building, in Al-Awally Residential Complex, which was established this year by the Ministry of Finance. 

Al-Awally Complex accommodates all government sectors participating in Hajj work. It contains smart buildings annexed to Hema al-Mashaer Complex. Besides being a residential complex, Al-Awally includes well-furnished offices, equipped with high-tech devices, as well as internet access. It encompasses also two meeting rooms, a food court, modern laundry and dry cleaning facilities. It also accommodates 32 residential rooms and 23 furnished offices.

Al-Zahrani indicated that beneficiaries of the building are 14 Hajj committees, plus subsidiary committees. Residence supervisors are tasked with providing service to Hajj committees 24 hour a day, ensuring the safety of the building and its residents, having a full complement of Hajj committees' staff members. 


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