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With 150 Bed Capacity, Mina Al-Jisr Hospital Ready to Serve Pilgrims
20 September 2015
The Director of Mina Al-Jisr Hospital, Khatam Khaqir, affirmed readiness of the 150-bed-capacity hospital to provide pilgrims with all medical and therapeutic services, and deal with all cases.
Khaqir said that MOH hospitals are honored to offer great advanced service to pilgrims every year, noting that the hospital has a bed capacity of 121 beds, and can accommodate 50 more beds, totaling 171 beds. That is to be added to 28 ICU beds, 5 heat exhaustion beds, and 4 dialysis beds. Mina Al-Jisr accommodates 12 clinics covering various specialties, most notably internal medicine, obstetrics & gynecology, surgery, and operations, aside from a large ER.
Khaqir indicated, "The hospital secured 26 fans for heat exhaustion and sunstroke cases. We have a small operation room to handle emergency cases of big surgeries. We cover other specialties such as, ophthalmology, ENT, and dermatology. Outpatient clinics has specialized departments for dentistry. Furthermore, our hospital has a statistical network working around the clock, which calculates the number of inpatients and reports their data directly to MOH."    
The director of Mina Al-Jisr Hospital stated that the hospital is staffed with 400 personnel, including 99 consultants, specialists and general practitioners, to be added to 138 nurses, 50 technicians, and 43 workers assuming other roles. Regardless of their expertise in Hajj work, the personnel have been given training, as usual, on the most common diseases encountered during Hajj season; Coronavirus prevention and precautions, hospital's emergency plan, and verification of medical, technical and administrative preparations.  Finally, he pointed out that the hospital has witnessed various stages of development since its inauguration more than 30 years ago.

Last Update : 12 October 2015 11:45 AM
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