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93 Pilgrims Underwent Open-Heart Surgeries, Cardiac Catheterizations, and Dialysis Sessions at MOH Hospitals Yesterday
19 September 2015
As part of the advanced health services, specialized and quality programs introduced by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to save lives, within its advanced programs to provide healthcare for pilgrims, the MOH hospitals in the Holy Capital (Makkah) conducted yesterday, Friday, 5/12/1436H, a total of 6 cardiac catheterizations, 1 open-heart surgery, and 80 dialysis sessions (of both types: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis). Thus, the total of the operations conducted at these hospitals in the course two days only reached 23 cardiac catheterizations, 155 dialysis sessions, 6 endoscopic operations and one open-heart surgery.

MOH stated that about 6919 diseased pilgrims visited Makkah's health facilities on 5/12/1435 H. On that day, hospitals provided their therapeutic services for 2559 patients, while 4360 patients have benefited from the primary health services in the health centers.

Meanwhile, the daily statement issued by the MOH indicated that outpatient clinics of the said hospitals provided their services for 1609 patients, while 950 patients benefited from the ambulatory services. 86 were admitted to Makkah's health facilities on Friday, 5/12/1436H. In the same time, 77 patients have been discharged from the hospitals, bringing the number of the inpatients in the MOH health facilities during this day, to 428 patients.


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