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SHC Secretary General Thanks the Wise Leadership for Harnessing all Potentials for the Sake of Pilgrims
17 September 2015
Secretary General of the Saudi health Council (SCH), Dr. Yaaqoub bin Youssef Al-Mazrou', has expressed thanks and appreciation for the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, HRH the Crown Prince, and HRH the Deputy Crown Prince, may Allah protect them, for harnessing all potentials for the sake of the Guests of Allah (pilgrims). Best-level services are offered in all fields, and outstanding medical care standards are applied at all facilities and services, in an effort to create a safe environment for pilgrims to perform the rituals in ease and comfort.
Dr. Al-Mazrou' said that the ongoing achievements in the field of Hajj projects and servicing of the Holy Sites - a matter which contributes to ensuring a safe and easy Hajj experience - have brought to the Kingdom appreciation from the international community, and made it an example to be followed. He praised the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and all relevant authorities for provision of advanced health services through all hospitals, primary health care centers, as well as health surveillance centers, preventive, ambulatory and health-awareness centers, in addition to specialized laboratories in Makkah and the Holy Sites. He also praised providing these sites with the latest medical equipment of all specialties, securing medications and medical supplies and sufficient vaccines to meet the needs of pilgrims during the Hajj.
Additionally, human potentials including the highly qualified medical teams and well trained technical and administrative manpower have been put at pilgrims' service. "Such efforts come as no surprise from the Kingdom, which has a well-established tradition of providing the best services to pilgrims, and taking care of their affairs. The Kingdom considers this as a top priority, seeking to ensure for them safe and tranquil pilgrimage," said Al-Mazrou'.
He pointed to what is stipulated by the Fifth Strategic Pillar of the KSA Health Care Strategy, which was developed by the SHC Third Policy about the role of the MOH, with the participation of government and public bodies in the Hajj and Umrah seasons for provision of sufficient preventive and curative healthcare services for pilgrims. That is to be added to identifying necessary requirement for these services through the health affairs directorates and other health bodies. He maintained that the role of the MOH includes arrangement of the expenditures of these services, in accordance with the KSA General Policy, development and activation of the programs and necessary preventive precautions to prevent entry of infectious diseases during Hajj and Umrah seasons, and obligating all parties, from inside or outside the country, to abide by such precautions. The therapeutic needs for pilgrims in Makkah, Madinah and Holy Sites are identified in accordance to the information and statistics available to the health sectors, he added. 
Concluding his statement, Dr. Al-Mazrou has lauded the great and noble efforts exerted by the Saudi government for the sake of pilgrims and their comfort. "This proves that everyone in this blessed country realizes how big the responsibility they shoulder towards pilgrims is," he said. Finally, he prayed for Allah Almighty to grant pilgrims complete health and wellness, to accept their pilgrimage, and to make them return to their homes healthily and safely.

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