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Medical Tips for Pregnant Pilgrims
16 September 2015
The consultant in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Hafizah Turkistani, has provided pregnant women, intending to perform Hajj, with some health tips, most importantly the need to visit the treating physician before travelling for Hajj; for getting the essential medical tips and guidelines. She underlined that the pregnant woman has to bring her medicine during the Hajj period, and to take the meningitis vaccination, at least ten days before leaving for Hajj. This vaccination is given every three to five years, if available, thus posing no risk to her or her fetus. Besides, Dr. Turkistani advised pregnant women to wear loose-fitting clothing, drink fluids frequently, and stay away from crowded places.
Dr. Hafizah Turkistani provided these health tips while being interviewed by the Media and Health Information Center, via the toll-free number: 8002494444; in order to answer the public's calls, through the program dubbed: (Pilgrims' Health Is Our Top Concern). The program is launched by the Center for the twelfth consecutive year.
Within the same vein, Dr. Turkistani pointed out that the pregnant woman has to visit the nearest healthcare center, if she feels or develops some symptoms, such as severe headache, frequent vomiting, dizziness or vaginal bleeding. Furthermore, she highlighted that the pregnant woman has to bring with her a copy of her pregnancy follow-up sheet, so that the physician she may visit during Hajj could recognize her health status, and the medicine she takes. Dr. Turkistani, also, guided those female callers intending to perform Hajj that the ideal way to avoid or delay the menstrual period during Hajj, is to take birth control pills well before leaving for Hajj,  and after consulting a physician.
Finally, Dr. Turkistani warned the pregnant women, suffering from sickle-cell anemia, to take due care while performing Hajj, and avoid exposure to drought as a result of walking in the sun for a long time, highlighting that exerting great physical effort by a pregnant woman affect here health badly, Allah forbid. Over and above, the consultant in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Hafizah Turkistani, has directly answered a lot of diverse enquiries on women's health problems, via the MOH's account on Twitter: @SAUDIMOH.

Last Update : 17 September 2015 10:58 AM
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