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MOH Senior Officials Vaccinated against Meningitis and Seasonal Influenza
03 September 2015

A number of the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) senior officials, led by His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Health for Therapeutic Services, Dr. Tarif Al-‘Ama, took anti-meningitis and anti-flu vaccines the day before yesterday, at the medical clinic of the MOH Headquarter. Dr. Tarif highlighted the importance of taking these vaccines before the Hajj season, especially for the employees of MOH and other institutions participating in Hajj.


“Such a procedure ensures prevention against the disease, Allah willing,” said Dr. Tarif, adding that those vaccines are available and totally safe. Hence, he called upon all MOH employees participating in the Hajj season, to take such vaccinations, given their crucial importance.


It is worth mentioning that, among the MOH senior officials, who took the aforementioned vaccination, are the Assistant Deputy Minister for Hospitals Affairs, Dr. Nahar Al-‘Azmi, the Supervisor General of Home Medicine, Dr. Ali Maqboul Al-Ghamdi, the Director General of Specialized Centers and Visiting Physicians, Dr. Abdullah Al-Wad‘i, and the Director General of Radiology and Applied Services, Dr. Ali Al-Musned.


Last Update : 12 September 2015 08:37 PM
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