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Results of the Investigation of a Video Clip Showing the Conduct of Najran Health Affairs Directorate with a Female Visitor
12 July 2015
The Ministry of Health (MOH) would like to make clear that, upon investigating the video clip circulated recently on the social media websites, showing an incident between the Director General of Najran Health Affairs and a female visitor. Indeed, His Excellency the Minister of Health, Eng. Khalid Al-Falih, has given his orders to form a committee under his direct follow-up to investigate into the incident. The committee is chaired by the Deputy Minister for Therapeutic Services, and includes in its membership a number of specialists and competencies. 
In view of what has been stated in the minutes of the committee, the Ministry would like to clarify the following:
Firstly: The visitor is the mother of a female employee willing to be internally transferred. She has been working at one of the health centers in Najran since her employment on Muharram 19th 1434H. Her mother was accompanied by the employee's sister and brother.
Secondly: It was found that the woman acted in an improper manner that was obviously provocative. And she was joined in this misconduct by her daughter (the employee’s sister) who was simultaneously filming, as if they had made up their minds to intentionally provoke the director general, capture a video, and then circulate it in the social media. In this regard, the director general has lodged a complaint to Najran Municipality, including the minutes of the incident that took place at his office.
Thirdly: The woman said that the Director General of Najran Health Affairs has logged into the system and cancelled the approval of transferring her daughter. This is not true; as a matter of fact, one of transfer approval preconditions is to get the approval of the employer, and this requirement has not been met, resulting in the cancellation of the transfer request, and therefore the said employee has not been included in the eligibility program. Let alone that the director general of the health affairs is not authorized to access the e-system.
In this regard, the Ministry holds the view that both the director general and the woman are to blame for this misconduct. On the one hand, the director general is to be found mistaken for the improper behavior and unjustifiable tension. On the other hand, the woman is also found mistaken for the mistreatment the director general by offensively raising her voice, not understanding his decision, and refusing to go out of his office so that he could continue his work. In fact, she could have turned to the MOH officials through the regular, legitimate channels to get a solution for her problem without the need to circulate it on the social media.
Based on the recommendations of the committee, it was decided to blame the Director General of Najran Health Affairs.
As for the misconduct of the said employee’s family, it is absolutely unacceptable. However, since the incident is currently being investigated by the competent authorities, the Ministry is set to be satisfied with what is to be decided in this concern.
Allah is the Arbiter of Success, and guides to the right way.

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