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Dr. Al-Habeeb Named Director of Severe Heart Attack Program
02 July 2015
As part of the developmental steps adopted by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to improve its therapeutic services and provide the best healthcare for citizens, the Deputy Minister for Therapeutic Services, Dr. Tareef Yousef Al-Aama, has issued a decision assigning Dr. Khalid Al-Habeeb as the director of MOH's Severe Heart Attack Program.
The program aims at improving performance of hospitals affiliating to the ministry and working on the diagnosis and treatment of acute heart attacks (coronary thrombosis) by creating a system to refer such cases as fast as possible to the specialized heart centers to conduct primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) 24 hours a day throughout the year in collaboration with Heart Centers in the ministry and other health sectors.
It's noteworthy that the program is one of the initiatives supported by the National Program for Technical Support of Emergency Centers through the Minister Agency for Therapeutic Services.
It's worth mentioning here that, Dr. Al-Habeeb is one of the distinguished Saudi competencies in the field of cardiac surgery. He serves as a consultant of cardiac catheterization in King Saud University, and the head of the Saudi Hearts Association.

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