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MOH and SABIC Sign a MOU to Establish a Specialized Hospital for Mental Health
26 May 2015
The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) have inked today a Memo of Understanding (MOU) to establish SABIC Specialized Hospital for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment in Riyadh.
The signing ceremony took place today (Tuesday) Sha‘ban 8th 1436H, (corresponding to May 26th 2015) at SABIC headquarters in Riyadh. His Highness the Chairman of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, and Head of SABIC Co., Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Thenayan Al-Saud, and His Excellency the Minister of Health, Eng. Khalid Al-Falih, signed the MOU on behalf of SABIC and MOH respectively, in the presence of the CEO and Deputy Chairman of SABIC Board of Directors, Mr. Yousef Abdullah Al-Benyan, besides a number of SABIC leaders and MOH officials.
As per the MOU, SABIC will undertake the responsibility of funding the studies, designs, construction and preparation of the hospital at a value of SR. 300 million to provide specialized health services in the field of mental health and addiction treatment, thereby helping provide qualitative health services for those suffering from mental diseases and addiction and strengthen their determination to recover from these diseases and narcotics.  
Following the signing ceremony, His Highness Prince Saud said, "Since its inception, SABIC has been working to harmonize between the development of its industrial operations and fulfillment of its national commitments in the field of the social responsibility," affirming his company's keenness to consolidate the concept of social responsibility in its business as a long-term investment project of great benefit to the community.
He added, "This qualitative initiative is reckoned a shining step in the march of social responsibility undertaken by SABIC, which continues meeting its responsibilities in the service of the country and citizens. Today, the company is carrying on this march by funding the construction of this important and specialized hospital, which will be put out to tender and awarded by SABIC according to its regulations applicable in the implementation of projects, after the supreme supervisory committee and the executive committee define and adopt the technical specifications of the projects in terms of construction and preparation."
On his part, Eng Al-Falih lauded the national role of SABIC in supporting the march of development and advancement adopted by the Saudi government and the efforts exerted by the company in supporting the health sector. He revealed that the signing of the MOU boosts cooperation frameworks between the ministry and the company and reflects cooperation between the public and private sectors to provide outstanding medical and health care for those suffering from mental disorders, and offer treatment to drug users.
He added that, "by establishing this hospital, we are looking forward to providing specialized, preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services in the field of mental health and addiction treatment according to the highest scientific and systematic international standards, as well as providing specialized clinics of mental health, addiction treatment and   post-treatment rehabilitation, besides contributing to scientific research and training in the hospital's specialty. In addition, MOH will take over the management, operation and maintenance of this hospital, and allocate its budget according to the governing laws and regulations in this regard."
He went on to say that “the hospital's bed-capacity will be determined after completing the specialized studies and the general view of the project to be presented by the Engineering Consultancy Company, according to the international standards set for such type of hospitals and in a manner that meets the absorptive capacity and the desired service after getting the approval of the supreme supervisory committee as per the allocated budget.” He added that the hospital will provide an outstanding role model in the field of mental health and addiction treatment, and will be operated according to the highest technical standards similar to the specialized hospitals.
Commenting on the initiative, the Deputy Chairman of SABIC Board of Directors and CEO, Mr. Yousef Abdullah Al-Benyan, said that "SABIC has developed a national strategy of social responsibility to provide an innovative type of initiatives, projects and services in the Kingdom, besides contributing to the development of the Saudi community in different areas.” He added that “signing of this MOU reflects the importance attached by the company to supporting the basic sectors by establishing projects which serve the health sector in general, and the mental health and addiction treatment in particular."  
He went on saying that the health sector is one of the main pillars of SABIC's strategy for social responsibility. The company pays great attention to fighting narcotics, given the seriousness of such scourge to individuals and community. In this regard, he said that SABIC has signed an agreement with the National Committee for Combating Drugs to launch the National Project on Prevention of Drugs (Nibras) at a cost of SR 500 million for five years. In addition, the company is currently cooperating with MOH to launch the “Middle Way Center” for the physiological rehabilitation of those recovered from addition before their engagement in the community. "Through its initiatives in combating drugs, SABIC is seeking to set an integrated  preventive, therapeutic circle including the awareness represented in the National Project on Prevention of Drugs (Nibras), the treatment through SABIC Specialized Hospital for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment and the rehabilitation through the Middle Way Center,” he expounded.   

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