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Eastern Region Health Affairs Directorate: 43 Cases Left Al-Qatif Hospital after Recovery
24 May 2015
The Eastern Region Health Affairs General Directorate stated that 43 persons from those injured in the bombing of Al-Qadeeh Mosques left Al-Qatif Hospital after they recovered from their injuries. However, it added that 42 others are still receiving treatment and proper medical care in the hospital.
The Directorate confirmed that until yesterday (Sunday) the death toll amounted to 21, may Allah have mercy on them, while 42 others are still hospitalized, of whom 12 cases are in critical condition and still receiving treatment at the ICU. It added that 43 injured cases left the hospital after receiving proper treatment. Thus, the total number of casualties, including bodies and injured, together amounted to 106 persons.
According to the Directorate, all facilities have been prepared to treat the injured as the state of emergency was declared in the region's hospitals from the first moment after the attack, under direct supervision of His Excellency the Minister of Health Eng. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih, who directed provision of whatever that would contribute to ensuring a speedy recovery of the injured. The directorate thanked also the Director General of the Eastern Region Health Affairs, Dr. Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Sheibani, for following up the level of health services and treatment procedures provided for the injured; and praised efforts exerted by the supporting bodies to ensure a speedy recovery of the injured.
The directorate, meanwhile, formed a psychological and social support committee to start its work at Al-Qadeeh health center from today (Sunday). The committee, which includes mental consultants and specialists and pharmacists, will be mainly tasked with providing psychological support for the injured, as well as families of the dead and those who were in the Mosques at the time of bombing, in addition to prescribing medicines, if necessary. The committee's work will last for three weeks, depending on the assessment of the situation or whenever deemed necessary.
The Directorate announced that all cases are in stable condition thanks to the availability of all potentials, and that everything is going on normal in the hospitals. It also wished a speedy recovery to the injured and mercy of Allah Almighty to those killed in the sinful attack, praying for Allah to protect our country and security against all evils.

Last Update : 28 May 2015 03:58 PM
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