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 Promotion of 82 Employees from the Eighth to the Ninth Grade
24 May 2015
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has issued a resolution to promote 82 male and female employees from the eighth up to the ninth grade after completing the due period of time and meeting the requirements and conditions of the new positions, in line with Article 10 of the Civil Service Law.
Meanwhile, the MOH underscored that every employee has to actually and constantly commence assuming the tasks of the new position at its headquarters, in accordance with Article (1/E) of the Promotion Regulation. Personnel Affairs Departments in regions shall bear the responsibility of putting this resolution into effect. 
Likewise, the MOH explained that the promoted employees have to clear their entire obligations with the previous hiring authority within 15 days. In addition, the new authority has to follow up the commencement of work by the newly-promoted employees and prepare reports to that effect during the specified and mentioned period, given that comments on the performance of the promoted employees should be recorded in the new area directly and sent to the ministry for notification.
Within the same vein, the MOH called upon the directorates to submit the names of employees unwilling to embark on their new posts at their headquarters, so as to cancel the promotion decisions. Besides, it forced directorates to stick to the wording of the paragraph C of the 3rd article of the Promotion Regulation, which prohibited assigning or transferring the employee to another job outside the location of the new job, unless after one year of actual and constant assuming of the new job. Exceptional and unpaid leave will not be included within the period referred to.


Last Update : 26 May 2015 11:58 AM
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