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MOH Statement on the Terrorist Attack on Al-Qadeeh Village of Al-Qatif Province
23 May 2015
Immediately after the occurrence of the vicious terrorist attack on Ali bin Abi Taleb Mosque in Al-Qadeeh Village, Al-Qatif Province, a state of maximum alert was declared for medical and emergency crews, who dealt with the incidence upon its occurrence, sorting cases at the site of the attack and providing treatment and emergence services for them, with the participation of other supporting bodies.
The Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed that it has mobilized its capabilities from the first moments and declared a state of emergency at hospitals in the Eastern Region to receive the injured, as the attack left 109 causalities, of which 21 are dead and 88 others are injured. The Ministry added that 58 cases were hospitalized and 30 others left the hospital after getting necessary treatment. "There are 12 injured in critical condition," the ministry noted.
The Ministry indicated that immediately after the occurrence of the terrorist attack, His Excellency the Minister of Health Eng. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih issued his directives to offer all capabilities for the treatment of the injured and provide them with the required medical care as well as implementation of the emergency plan designed for such situations.
Eng. Al-Falih, accompanied by the Director-General of Eastern Region Health Affairs Dr. Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Sheibani, visited yesterday (Friday) the injured at the hospital to get acquainted with the quality of treatment services provided for them, wishing a speedy recovery to the injured and mercy of Allah Almighty to the deceased.
The MOH said that all hospitals in the region are fully-prepared to receive emergency cases, through emergency plans being implemented from time to time, pointing out that the blood units available in the regional blood bank are enough, thanks to Allah, to meet the emergency needs and there is no any shortage. In this regard, the ministry highlighted that 150 blood units of all blood groups have been sent to all concerned hospitals and currently there are 242 other blood units of all groups. The Ministry named the regional blood bank, Al-Qatif Central Hospital and King Fahad University Hospital as centers for receiving persons wishing to donate their blood. "There are 600 blood units ready for release in the eastern region as well," it said.
The MOH wished a speedy recovery to all injured and mercy to those killed in the vicious attack, praying for Allah, the Almighty, to protect our country and security against all evils.

Last Update : 25 May 2015 11:41 AM
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