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MOH Introduces ‘Virtual Reality Glasses’ Technology
21 May 2015
The Director General of Health Facilities Infection Control, Dr. Hail Mater Al Abdali, has introduced ‘virtual reality glasses’ technology and other innovative technologies for boosting health, within the participation in the Saudi Health Exhibition and Conference currently taking place at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center.
Meanwhile, Al Abdali explained that the virtual reality glasses technology is reckoned a qualitative leap in the field of 3D technology which has spread recently and widely accepted around the world. The user of such glasses will be able to see image perfectly in space and angle motion of 360 degree, without the need for a larger screen. "Despite the fact that this is a newly emerging technology, MOH has been able to use it, programing it and developing awareness videos about the prevention against the spread of viruses and infection in an attractive and advanced technical manner simulating future language and targeting all segments of the community," he added.  
Dr. Al Abdali went on saying that MOH took the lead in using this new technology on the sidelines of the Saudi Health Exhibition and Conference meant to introduce the most recent technologies and services in the international markets, exchanging expertise and identifying the best practices in the health sector in an endeavor to attract a larger number of the targeted audience searching for health education.
Likewise, he indicated that the Infection Control General Department has dedicated three educational sessions about the different aspects of this field for all health professionals. He added that the first axis of the scientific sessions will discuss the issue of health facilities infection control through various topics, represented in the monitoring of health facilities infection as an appropriate tool to control the infection, besides other lectures on epidemiological readiness and the urgent need of a program for boosting health of the staff of health facilities.

Last Update : 24 May 2015 07:26 AM
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