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Minister of Health Orders Health Institutions to Conduct Medical Examination for the Yemenis during the Residence Correction Period
06 May 2015
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Eng. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih, has directed an urgent circular to all private health institutions in all regions of the Kingdom to conduct necessary medical examinations to the brothers from Yemen Republic who are staying illegally in the Kingdom, starting from Sunday Rajab 21st 1436 H, in light of their circumstances and in continuation of the fraternal stances within the objectives of the ‘Operation Restoring Hope’ for the Yemeni people and the support provided for the legitimate government towards building a secure and stable Yemen. 
Meanwhile, the circular called upon the hospitals and health centers to provide the Ministry of Interior with the paper medical reports exceptionally for the this category and during  the period specified in order to enable them to be granted visit visas according to the applicable procedures of issuing residence permits.
It's worth noting here that, this urgent circular comes in response to a letter from His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and the Interior Minister, Prince  Muhammad bin Naif  bin Abdulaziz, dated Rajab 15th 1436H,  to the Minister of Health referring to the Royal Decree No 32057, dated Rajab 13th 1436H, stipulating taking necessary measures to correct status of the Yemenis who have been illegally staying in the Kingdom before Jumada II 20th 1436H by granting them six-month visa visits that can be extended upon receiving travel documents from their country’s legitimate government, and they should be allowed to work in accordance with regulations set by the authorities. This procedure shall be effective for two months from the date of the residence status correction.

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