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A 5-Day Workshop on “Recent Trends in Approaching Poisoning Cases" to Kick off Sunday
22 April 2015
In the presence of the Deputy Minister of Health for Laboratories and Blood Banks, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Omar, the Poison Control Centers and Forensic Chemistry General Department, in collaboration with the Training and Scholarships General Department, will hold next Sunday a five-day training course and a workshop under the title: “Recent Trends in Approaching Poisoning Cases” at Al-Imam Abdul-Rahman Al-Faisal Hospital in Riyadh.
The Director General of Poison Control Centers and Forensic Chemistry, Dr. Ra‘ed Al-Khayyal, has pointed out that this training course comes as part of the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) plan to hone the skills of its medical staff throughout the health sectors, in line with the staunch belief in its pioneering and central role for promoting the therapeutic services provided to patients all over the Kingdom.
“The training course comes within the framework of the MOH’s endeavors to train and improve its medical staff with different specialties throughout the health sectors, as well as enhancing the skills of emergency and primary health care physicians in dealing with poisoned cases, in line with the latest developments in toxicology,” said Dr. Al-Khayyal.
He went on adding that the specific objectives of the training course are to review the factors affecting the severity of poisoning; acquire the practical first-aid skills necessary for dealing with poisoned cases; familiarize the trainees with the different ways for accurate diagnosis of poisoned patient; acquire the necessary skill for effective treatment of poisoned patients; identify the optimal ways to get rid of poisons from the body; and to update the trainees on the latest advances in poisoning treatment.
Besides, Dr. Al-Khayyal highlighted that the trainees are projected to acquire, by the end of the training course, the following capabilities: effective first-aid treatment of poisoning cases, accurate diagnosis of poisoning cases, the ability to appropriately treat common poisonings, the ability to get rid of body poisons, and getting acquainted with the latest developments in poisoning treatment.
Finally, Dr. Al-Khayyal indicated that the trainees will be evaluated through written test at the end of the training course, as well as an interactive evaluation of the trainees regarding diagnosis of different poisoned cases. 

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