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Assir Health Affairs Directorate Prepares 27 Hospitals, 3,050 Beds for Serving the Operation Decisive Storm
21 April 2015
Specialized and trained medical teams, backed by integrated health facilities in Assir region, are on alert and fully ready to serve the Operation Decisive Storm. The Health Affairs General Directorate in Assir has declared the state of maximum readiness at all hospitals' sections and primary health care centers, increased stocks of medicines and medical supplies and provided blood banks with large quantities of all blood types, as well as medical teams, specialists, technicians and well-equipped ambulances, in case of any events.
The Director General of Assir Health Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hafzi, said that such measures came in the context of the preparations of Assir hospitals (27 hospitals with a bed capacity of 3,050) to deal with the Operation Decisive Storm, pointing out that the region's hospitals comprise a constellation of health practitioners and consultants in all specialties, who performed 5,397 one-day surgery operations in the last year. He added that the number of visitors to outpatient clinics reached 668,744 persons, highlighting that the region's hospitals will continue providing their services around the clock, as the emergency services were provided for 1,456,088 visitors during the last year.
Dr. Al-Hafzi went on saying that the region's hospitals conduct from time to time and as part of routine, emergency simulations to ensure their readiness for the emergencies and assess their application of emergency plans, adding that the region's hospitals, particularly at the border areas, were provided with consultants in various specialties such as: anesthesia, intensive care, emergency, general surgery and neurosurgery. “In addition,” he said, “the fleet of ambulances were modernized in all hospitals of the region.”
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health "MOH", to make sure the hospitals in Assir region are fully ready around the clock, has supported them with health practitioners, visiting doctors, in addition to nursing and emergency teams from the Kingdom's different health affairs directorates. Also a number of procedures and emergency simulations were conducted to increase the state of readiness.

Last Update : 23 April 2015 11:42 AM
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