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MOH Organizes a Training Workshop for Trainers
21 April 2015
The Training and Scholarships General Department of the Ministry of Health (MOH) organized a number of training workshops at the Technical Skills Center and the Simulation Laboratory for trainers, in collaboration with the Saudi Neonatology Society, from Sunday 23rd to Thursday 27th Jumada II, 1436H.
Dr. Jabarah Alaallah, the Consultant in Neonatal Intensive Care at King Abdulaziz Medical City and the Head of the Saudi Births Program and the Training Team, underlined the importance of building an integrated base of qualified trainers at MOH's certified centers, stressing that such a thing will have a direct impact on improving and developing the performance of the health staff, including physicians and nurses working in the field of neonates, in addition to ensuring quality of the provided services for this category.
“Due to the importance of this program,” she added, “MOH in collaboration with the Saudi Neonatology Society organized more than 186 training courses and workshops for more than 3,690 health practitioners at all regions of the Kingdom.”
Dr. Jabarah went on saying, “Proceeding from this standpoint and to ensure continuity of quality, cooperation was made to organize courses for trainers on the Neonatal Resuscitation Program at all regions of the Kingdom.” She added that this comes as part of endeavors to continue providing training for all health practitioners, noting that 14 training centers were approved and 102 certified trainers were qualified to carry on these courses.
“By the end of this two-day course,” she added, “the trainee will learn principles of Adult Learning and Simulation, as well as ways of applying acquired knowledge in reviewing resuscitation cases and finding a solution for the problems during resuscitation.”
On his part, His Excellency the Director General of Training and Scholarships at the MOH, Dr. Mansour Al-Yami, explained that the Ministry has shown great interest in the training and human cadre development sector by organizing various activities, training workshops, and practical programs available locally and internationally for all workers in the ministry at all regions of the Kingdom, using the latest teaching and training methods and techniques, which are scientifically and internationally approved and validated.




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