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MOH Confirms the Readiness of its Health Facilities in the Southern Regions
19 April 2015
As part of the Ministry of Health (MOH) readiness, all emergency units in the hospitals of the southern regions are standing fully ready around the clock after having been provided with the modern technologies, as well as the well-qualified medical cadres, particularly in the emergency and intensive care units.

Meanwhile, the hospitals of the southern regions continue providing health services for beneficiaries around the clock through a raft of health programs in the hospitals and healthcare centers, the matter which reflects interest of the leadership in the health sector and the continuous support for the health services in a manner which contributes to providing healthcare for citizens and residents. Atop of such services are the activities carried out by the emergency units in the hospitals scattered across the southern regions’ cities and provinces.


In a similar fashion, MOH has applied a quality plan to deal with emergency cases and crises in the different regions of the Kingdom. In addition, wide-ranging simulations were carried out in collaboration with other relevant health sectors.


Within the same context, the Director General of Jazan Health Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sihly, said the directorate has prepared an integrated plan to improve health services in the region's hospitals to deal with emergency cases and crises, in addition to ensuring readiness of all emergency teams, including providing qualified medical and technical cadres and medical equipments and logistics such as blood banks and labs.


On his part, the Director General of Asir Health Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hafzi, said various medical, nursing and ambulatory cadres were assigned to undertake tasks in the different quality specialties, such as general surgery, emergency and intensive care medicine, in addition to other specialties which might be required by the region's hospitals. He added that these preparations come as a precautionary measure to handle any emergencies in such cases - Allah forbids-. 


In a similar vein, the Director General of Najran Health Affairs, Dr. Salih Al-Mounis, explained that the region's hospitals conduct from time to time and as part of routine, emergency simulations to ensure their readiness for the emergencies and assess their application of emergency plans.



It should be noted that, MOH works with all government sectors according to a unified, comprehensive and mutually strategy, as the Ministry has confirmed that all its health facilities, particularly in the southern regions, are ready to deal with any emergencies.



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